September 21, 2016

5 (Bologna) Things

Prosciutto di Parma

1) Surrounded by deliciousness

Bologna Porticos

2) Under the porticoes


3) I had one for breakfast every morning (with espresso however, not a Heineken)


4) Too many to choose from

Basilica of Santo Stefano

5) Part of the Sette Chiese

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August 27, 2016

Life in Paris


This morning, as I was walking to my local Monoprix with my little shopping caddie to do some grocery shopping, I decided that I should go to the Louvre this week.

That's still such a bizarre concept...the fact that I can just decide to go to the Louvre.
For an hour, for several hours, for the day.

Living in Paris definitely has its advantages.

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August 22, 2016

5 Things


1) Difficult to choose just one


2) Space Invaders

Life in France

3) Quiet August café

Life in France

4) Interesting affinage

Last night's apéro

5) Cookbook reading + apéro (last night)

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August 10, 2016

Coffee Quirks In Paris

Staying in the shade. Hydrating often. #canicule #Paris #café

So I was at one of those Brooklyn-style coffee places and apparently committed the ultimate faux-pas; I asked for a dry cappuccino.

Oh my god, you should have seen the contemptuous look I got. And I could just see her thinking, "oh great, another high maintenance foreigner."
I promise you, I was not trying to be difficult! I just like my cappuccino a certain way - with a bit less milk and more foam - drier than the way they are usually made. Also, because most baristas don't know how to properly make velvety, creamy foam anyway, I feel like I'm letting them off the hook.

I kindly explained that I preferred my cappuccino with as much mousse as possible and she just stood there, staring. So I explained it again. She continued to look at me doubtfully so I told her that many years ago I was a barista in Seattle and that I really loved more foam and didn't like a milky cappuccino and could she please adapt it slightly for my taste?
"So, you would like une noisette?" she said.
"Non," I responded.
I patiently explained my order a third time.
She then refused, citing the fact that we must "respect the parameters" of a cappuccino.

Um, what?

Maybe I'm late to the party, but are there now strict rules that govern the making of a cappuccino that I'm unaware of? Has it recently been granted a denominazione di origine controllata (DOC) or something?

un p'tit café
At the Café
This is just another reason* why I usually go to the traditional, old style cafés. I would rather pay €2 for a decent café noisette at a classic French café than have to beg some 20 year old to please, please make my cappuccino a bit dry, only to have them either refuse or ignore me, and pay €5 for the privilege.

So, my Parisian friends, can you recommend some places that make killer coffee and that will accept my "eccentric" cappuccino order? 

* also, I think latte art is lame

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July 24, 2016

A Terrace In Paris

Eiffel Tower

We love our big terrace with its views over the 15ème and feel very lucky to have a few square meters of outdoor space to enjoy. We know that this is a rare thing in Paris.
And as an added bonus, we have a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Funnily though, we've had friends tell us that our view of the Iron Lady just isn't that great.

"Well, you can only see the top of it." 
"If you could just tear down that white building, your view would be better."

Yeah, we know, of course it could be better.

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